Leupold Illuminated Mil Dot

mk4brown1Leupold is constantly coming out with new models in their Mark 4 tactical lineup, and one of the new models they came out with for 2006 was the 3.5-10x40mm with M2 knobs and earth brown anodized finish from the factory. The M2 knobs are very interesting and I have wanted to take a look at them closely for a while and the only LR scope they are available on happened to come in earth brown, so a few things were worth reviewing.

Leupold Mark 4 scopes have been reviewed by many people, many times, though I just realized I have never done an official write-up on one. I am not sure why, I have several and have used many others over the years. I suspect I’ll have to do another write-up soon on one of the other ones we have here. But, because most everyone is aware of the excellent reputation that Leupold mark 4 scopes have, I will not go into the little details about the scope and optics itself. It is sufficient to say, the optics are OUTSTANDING, the adjustments precise, and the quality top notch. The picture above looking through the scope does not give it justice, and should not be used to show the quality of the glass, it is far superior to that photo. Now that we have that taken care of, we can focus on the other unique things about this particular mark 4 model.

mk4brown3 mk4brown2 mk4brown4 mk4brown5
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